Spotify is one of the newest innovations to have come to audio listening and experience with over 125 million subscribers. Though the service has recently begun it dominates Apple Music and Amazon music in the audio streaming market. From music, they have extended the audio service to Podcasts, Audiobooks, and so on. Spotify Trends helps any content creator/musician in order to understand what listeners prefer and how to compete in this immensely growing market

Project Overview

The two main purposes of this project are

1. Build an ML model — To Predict the popularity of any song by analyzing…

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JSON(JavaScript Object Notation) is now a frequently used file format. Whether it’s a response from API or a MongoDB Collection object. Most People are now tending to use JSON because they have human-readable Text in a prettify format.

In this article, we will be seeing different ways on how to read and flatten a nested JSON and what are the modules used for it.

To start with Let’s see how to read a sample json

sample_json = {‘Name’:’Joey’, ‘Address’:{‘City’:’Bangalore’,’State’:’KA’}, ‘Country’:’India’}

A data-based approach using World Happiness Report

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The Ultimate Motive in Life is to be happy, though the perception of Happiness differs from person to person. I always wondered how the World Happiness Report is generated and what are the various metrics used to define the Overall Happiness Score for a Country. The Dataset I am using is taken from Kaggle's Website world-happiness-report. This Report is ranked among 156 Countries based on a Cantril Ladder Survey. Nationally representative samples of respondents are asked to think of a ladder, the best possible life for them being a 10, and the…

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